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Midwife appointments at Create Health

We provide personalised, comprehensive and collaborative maternity care, including visits with our practice midwife, in order to offer you the very best in woman-centred care. 

Having a baby is special and exciting, and a time where you are likely to have many questions and need guidance and support. Create Health offers access to your obstetrician and also our Create Health midwife for your antenatal and postnatal care.

Your own dedicated midwife

Continuity of care in pregnancy is known to have many benefits, therefore being able to establish a relationship with a midwife as well as your obstetrician helps ensure the promotion of women-centred care. Our experience to date has been that this model of care promotes trust and familiarity, which women value greatly during their pregnancy and after the birth of their baby.

Women who book their obstetric care with Create Health will have the option of scheduled midwife appointments during pregnancy with our midwife, Michelle. In addition to performing routine assessments and pregnancy checks, the midwife antenatal appointments provide an opportunity to address common pregnancy concerns, diet, exercise, birth preparation and a chance to focus on any questions or concerns about what may be “normal”.  

Michelle also works clinically as a midwife at one of our affiliated hospitals, Waverley Private Hospital, allowing the opportunity for continuity of care throughout the admission of many of our patients.

Postnatal appointments

Two to three weeks after the birth of your baby, we also recommend a postnatal visit with Michelle. This is a great opportunity to discuss your birth experience,  address how you are recovering physically and emotionally, and to consolidate the information that you are rapidly gaining in the steep learning curve that is parenthood. During this time, encouragement and support is invaluable.