Refer a patient to Create Health, specialists in women’s health

Referring a patient to Create Health women’s health specialists

Create Health is a private specialist women’s health group in Melbourne providing exceptional care to women of all ages. 

To refer a patient to Create Health:

Phone: 03 9873 6767
Fax: 03 9923 6636

Our specialists:

•    Dr Scott Pearce
•    Dr Mei Cheah
•    Dr Haider Najjar 
•    Dr Tom Manley
•    Dr Sugandha Kumar
•    Dr Debby Utama
•    Dr Jeh Wen Ho

Areas of specialisation:

•    Obstetrics
•    Gynaecology
•    Reproductive Endocrinology
•    Endoscopic Surgery
•    Fertility
•    IVF

For enquiries, please call our reception on 03 9876 6767 during business hours or email us.