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Bottles of COVID-19 vaccine lined up

Is the COVID-19 Vaccine safe in pregnancy?


The answer is, yes! The Pfizer vaccine is recommended for pregnant women and can be given at any time during your pregnancy. 

Pregnant woman holding an ultrasound whilst cradling her belly

Testing for the Health of Your Unborn Baby


After the excitement of finding out you are pregnant it is common to naturally think about the health of your unborn baby. There are a number of tests we can do to check the baby's health.

Lonely pink teddy bear

Pregnancy and Infant Loss; The Difficult Discussion and Help for Parents


One of the most difficult parts of working in maternity care is having to bring up discussions surrounding Pregnancy and Infant Loss.

Mother with a c-section scar lying next to her baby

Recovery after a Caesarean Section


At Create Health we work very closely with our patients and most women who are  seeking a vaginal birth are safely able to do so. However, in some cases, a C-section may be necessary.

Woman testing her blood sugar levels

Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM)


The National Diabetes Week runs from 12 – 18th July this year and we want to take the opportunity to shed light on Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM).

Pregnant woman packing her bag for hospital marking things off in a notebook

Preparing your bags for hospital


Preparing for your hospital stay would possibly be easier if we knew exactly when it were to happen, however as it is commonly reported, only approximately 5% of babies are born on their actual due date. So when is a good time to pack your bags and what exactly should you be bringing to hospital?

Woman smiling while holding her pregnant belly

Second Trimester of Pregnancy Your Action List


Now that the first three months of your pregnancy are over, you’re probably feeling a little more settled. Create Health Obstetrician Dr Mei Cheah shares with you her action list to guide you through the second trimester of pregnancy.

Pregnancy and birth during a pandemic

Pregnancy and birth during a pandemic


All you need to know to keep you and your baby safe.

The covid-19 pandemic has made a dramatic impact on the way we currently live our lives. Particularly during pregnancy this can cause quite a lot of anxiety around what is safe and not safe to do.

Happy couple holding a positive pregnancy test

Your first trimester pregnancy action list


Feeling overwhelmed with all the new things to think about now that you’re pregnant? From choosing a doctor, arranging maternity leave to adjusting your diet, Obstetrician Mei Cheah’s action list will help guide you through the first trimester of pregnancy and tick off those important tasks.

man reading to pregnant woman's belly

How to choose an obstetrician for pregnancy?


Finding out you are pregnant is one of the most exciting, joyful and exhilarating things you will experience in life. The dreaming, anticipation, imagining what will be; it can quickly become very consuming. From the moment your pregnancy is confirmed, planning can begin, and you rapidly learn that there are many choices and decisions to be made.

Pregnant woman sitting on her bed looking at her phone

Pregnancy myths


Pregnancy is a wonderful and exciting time but women often get confused by all the conflicting information about what they “can and can’t do” This blog answers the most common questions that Dr Tom Manley gets asked in antenatal visits. Let’s bust some myths!